Hola. Ive been a bit slack in updating you all with the road trip so i thought id jump in and bring you up to speed on whats going on now, then fill you in on the rest of the road trip when i can.

I flew back to Sydeny from Cairns last Tuesday, 29th Jan and spent a night in a hostel in Glebe. It was ok but ive been spoiled having Vic around and staying in twin rooms, now i had to scum it in a dorm. It was only a dorm of 4 mind you so it wasnt too bad but im so too old for that! Wednesday night I moved in with friends Jo and Nick who i met last time i was in Sydney (Vic knows them from London). They are so sweet and are letting me stay in their spare room until I sort myself out. Its a great flat in Vaucluse which is north of Bondi (and a very posh area, like the Hamspsted or Belasize Park areas of London).

I pretty much spent all of Wednesday and Thursday looking for work ,calling and emailing agencies, trekking around the city and going in for these excited typing and microsoft packages tests. Luckily for me i seem to have learnt something in the last 6 years or so as my results were all advanced, yeh. That bode well and Friday I got a call bout a job to start Monday- which is today, and its at my new work where im writing this.

It's a reception job at the Australian College of Physical Education out at the Sydney Olympic Park. Its a bit of a trek from where im staying (about 1.5 hours each way) but I cant be fussy as im desperate for the money! Its only short term until they find someone permanently for this role so i think i can stick it out. It seems ok here, though my first day is the start of Orientation Week for all the new students so everyone is as lost as each other!

The plan is to save as much as i can in the next month then meet up with Vic again in March and 'do' Victoria State for a week or two. I imagine ill have to work a bit more before i get over to NZ too.

Anyway, thats where im at at the mo, keep the emails and message board comments coming to keep me updated and amused! Lots of love to you all xx