Well today’s trip out turned into a right mini adventure! We got up at 6am (yes, 6am) in order to scoff breakfast before we were picked up at 7am by minibus to head out to the floating markets. Only when we boarded the minibus we were told that not only were we going to the markets we were also going to coconut farm, an elephant sanctury, a handicraft workshop and a jewelery factory. All whistlestop tours that shove you through a guided tour which lasts about 10 minutes then into the shop with the sole aim of relieving you of all your Bhat. Naturally you are given twice as long in the shop as the tour, and you are followed around by a shop assistant offering you everything from fans that turn into hats to freshly sliced mango.

And i also have to point out that driving in a minibus in this country is the equivilent to a roller coaster ride at Alton Towers. Me and Vic crawled out after 1.5 hours feeling like our insides had been rearranged.

The floating markets however were the hjightlight of the day- they were amazing. We drove out of bangkok to get there, took a longtail boat round the village on the banks of the river, then a small boat through the stalls that sell all and sundry. Pics to follow but it was amazing

Must go- about to run out of money in internet cafe but we get the train to Chaing Mai tomorrow evening so will email when there.