So where was I... ah yes, Fraser Island.

Monday 14th January: We all woke up with hangovers the next day at 7am. We had to pack up our tents and drive up the beach to Lake Wabby before the tide came in again so we had to forsake breakfast. It was also raining which was not good. Still, we arrived At Lake Wabby, had cheese sandwiches in the rain for breakfast then had to walk about 45minutes inland to get to the actual lake. It was stunning but grey and rainy. Its a great big greeny looking lake with forest over one side and a sand blow hole on the other, which was really really steep.  Naturally we all decided to roll soudn the hill in the sand into the lake. The weather was still warm so it didnt bother us too much that it was raining and the water in the lake wasnt too cold.

In the afternoon we headed up to Indian head which is a huge cliff top that is supposed to have sharks and turtles swimming around at the bottom. It looks over a great big wide beach the stretches right to the very top of the island. There were loads of cars parked on the beach and people out fishing.

Me, Christian, Jannina and Sabine decided to try and walk to Champagne Pools before heading back to the car- no-one else wanted to come so they went and waited in the car. We got halfway to the pools then realised we wouldnt have enough time to walk there and back in half an hour (which is how long we said we'd be) so we turned round and went to meet the others- or so we thought. There had been an 'executive' decision made to head back to the camp and set up the tents for the evening, leaving us up at Indian Head on our walk. Only there was no way of telling us they had gone as we had no phone signal on the island, and they couldnt come and find us to tell us. So, we got back to where the car was parked, and when there was no car we thought we were in the wrong place, then when we realised we werent, and that we couldnt call anyone,  then we realised we were stranded. We twigged that they must have driven back to the campsite and were thinking they would come back and pick us up. We started walking down the beach realising that it was about 40km back to the camp, the tide was coming in, and it was getting dark. Why would you leave 4 members of your group on and empty beach on those conditions?! Naturally we were pissed off. If for any reason the tide came back in quick or there was car trouble there would be no way to come back to pick us up, and no phones to let us know. We'd be camping in the sand dunes! We kept saying they will come in a minute and pick us up, and after 30 minutes we started hitch hiking, though only 2 cars passed and they were full. They did come and get us finally, but  about 45 minutes later. And they got shouted at!

Tuesday 15th January: Today was our last day on Fraser Island. We were up early again and cooked ourselves a scrambled egg breakfast then it was on the road to beat the tide. We travelled south to the shipwreak then onto Eli Creek, which you can walk through in knee deep water. Then it was a big drive further south to meet the 11.30am ferry to get back to the mainland.

Once back on the mainland we had to take the car to the mechanic, fill it with petrol then hand is back to the hostel. It came back with a report that there were dents in the bonnet, and the hostel had specifically said to us do not stand on the bonnet when getting on the roof! Only no one had- it was Irish Keith who had gotten very very drunk the night before and decided to sleep on the bonnet of the car... naturally he paid the cost of the repairs and the rest of us were ok.

Me and Vic then got back in our camper van and headed up Bundaberg, our next stop on the way north. We arrive pretty late and checked inot Oscars motel for the night.

Wednesday 16th January: Today was a BIG driving day.... we had to get as close to Airlie Beach as possible as we have a 2pm boat meeting about our cruise tomorrow. We washed all our stinky clothes from Fraser in the morning, then set off about 1pm. We got as far as Mackay at 11pm then decided we could drive no more, so checked into a campsite adn slept.

Thursday 17th January: We woke very early to boiling temperatures and humidity then the heavens opened. A nice tropical storm to start the day! Out
campervan kiki was getting harder and harder to sleep in as we got further north- the humidity turned it into an oven, even if you slept with the doos open, and when it rained it sounded like you were in a tin can. We set off for Airlie beach about 8am and checked into Whitsunday Terraces Hotel. Well, we hadnt slept properly for days and we need a bed! It was a great little hotel up the hill from the sea, with a great pool that looked over the ocean. We just spent the day chilling and writing postcards before our 2pm meeting about the boat. A meeting which was totally pointless actually but we had to be there to pay our reef tax.