Oh my god its been so long since ive been online- ive been getting withdrawal symptoms! But never fear, I am alive and well.

Thanks for all your messages on the message board too- i love reading them so keep them coming!!

Im going to attempt to recount the road trip for you place by place, though my brain may be a bit fuzzy on the details...

We picked up our campervan in Sydney on 3rd Jan after a great new year. Im sure most of you got calls or texts at some point in the evening. I also hope all your Chrimbo cards arrived too?

Anyway, we picked up the camper, which we have named Kiki (after her number plate of course) then headed north through the City, over the harbour bridge and up to Nelson Bay. Nelsons Bay is a small Bay with a tiny town and a few nice beaches but it was more a place to stay after driving into the evening. We pulled into a little wooded area opposite the beach and cooked our first meal on the stove- hot dogs, yum. Then we slept in the van and woke to a really nice view of the sea. Hard life! We also drove over to Stockton which is famous for its huge sand dunes and sand boarding. Its so big its like being in the Sahara- and they even have camel rides going round the dunes too- though thats a bit wierd.

We then headed up to Seal Rocks which is similar to Nelsons Bay in that its a National Park area right on the beach. They had a great camp here that we stayed in called Treachery Camp Ground. Its literally in the middle of the parkland but had access over sand dunes to a deserted beach. Its a funny place and it looked like people came for weeks on end judging by the size of their camp areas but it was safe and pretty and cheap!

Next on the map was Byron Bay. I love Byron Bay. Its a great little surfer town with great shops, a hippy feel and loads of great sand on the massive beach! We had an amazing meal at a fish restaurant right on the beach too. Every portion was huge and fresh and reasonably priced, a def recommendation from me! We would have like to spent longer in Byron but we only have 3 weeks to do so much and an unbelieveable amount of driving so we had to head off after a day and a half.

Next stop Surfers Paradise... For those that dont know surfers paradise is just that- apparently the best strech of surfing beach in Australia where you can always catch a good wave. Its a bit high rise though- think a little bit of Benidorm in Oz, but the beach is still very long and very amazing and very very dangerous. You can of course only swim between the the flags on any beach in Australia as the seas are so deadly, but this beach only has metres of patrolled areas in any stretch of beach. And everyone is swimming (or rather wave jumping as the current is too strong to swim) in this area so its choca. We had one chiled beach day then booked ourselves in for a surf lesson for the next day. Where better to learn to surf than Surfers Paradise?! So after a  few morning hours on the beach we headed to the meeting spot for our surf lesson. We were dolled out in fetching blue jerseys so that we a) wouldnt get sunburnt and b) so the instructor could spot us bobbing about in the waves. We got out surf boards (mine was bigger than me) then we headed out to the beach to practice. We learnt the moves on the sand first bit by bit, then practiced them in the sea- such as how to hold your board when walking out, when coming in, in a wave catching position, jumping on your board at the right time etc. Then it was back on the beach to learn the standing on your board moves. Its actually bloody hard to do on dry land let alone in the water! then it was practice in the sea time... how funny. if you get any bit wrong you basically get wiped out by the waves. And the waves were so strong that they were knocking me back in even before i could get in the right position to get on the board! It was exhausting to say the least. Still, I stuck with it and even managed to stand up a good few times, though i did get wiped out way more times than i stood. Overall it was amazing and i would love to do it again, though we could hardly move the next day- its unbeliveable how tiring it is and how many random muscles it uses. I guess thats why there are no fat surfers?!

To be continued.....