Hello again. Sorry its been so long, we have again been busy little bees!  After our day with Russ we had a good Friday over at Bondi. It is a great beach- really wide and great waves, but it is a little bit reminisent of Brighton with all the tourist shops around. Still, its not to be sniffed at. We also found the BEST fish and chip shop in the WORLD. And im not kidding. Pics to follow. I think it was called Mongers? It was amazing, grilled or battered fresh fish with chunky chips with the skin still on, mmm.

Saturday we met up with Emma, a friend of Vics from London.  We met her and her friend Elliott and had a few glasses of wine in the Opera Bar, underneath the Opera house, right on the harbour- such stunning views.  Its nice to catch up with some people from home who are living out here- and by all accounts it sounds like half the UK is over here! Or at least coming in the next few months! Another of Emmas friends was having her birthday party over on Oxford Street (in Paddington- so London daarling) so we went on a mad rush to buy some shoes. They are stricter than the UK about dress code over here and we only have flip flops. Still, purchases were made and the party was a good un. Our first proper night out in Sydney. There was a good crowd too- though i have forgotten almost everyones name already.

Sunday actually was a right off- and no, not because we were hungover- but because it bloody chucked it down all day! We managed a walk to Crown street for lunch (fab roast dinner at the Trinity Bar by the way) then the heavens opened. It was like a tropical storm, but in London, wierd.

Anyway, Monday was back to the sunshine, phew, and a nice little boat ride around the harbour. The tour took us on a 2 hour trip around all the coves and islands off the main harbour so we got to see alot. There are about a hundred coves or something?! Loads anyway. Plus there were a few glasses of bubbly thrown in, so it was a terrible way to spend a day! We also changed our Bridge Climb to this saturday. We originally had it planned for Vics 30th on 8th Jan, but Sydney is eating our money and its too long to be stuck in one place. We are hoping now to head down south after New Year, probably hiring a car and driving to Canberra, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we went back over to Manly for the day. The ferries leave the harbour every half hour and take half an hour, and its a busy commuter route. First stop was Oceanworld- so touristy. It was quite small and we have no need to go back now, but they did have some sharks and a huge turtle floating around. Manly also has an amazing 10k coastal scenic walk from the wharf, round the headland to the National Park. It has amazing views. Oh ok, so we didnt do thew whole 10k but we did about 4 then turned around and came back to Manly and went to the pub for a cold beer... but almost 8k isnt bad!! After that we just hung about in Manly for a bit. I really like Manly actually, it has a gorgeous beach, a great little shopping town and its only half hour to the City. Though im sure all these reasons contribute the ever rising housing prices there...

Last night we went round to Emmas house in Glebe. She has a really nice 2 bed house with a great little backyard thats about 15 mins walk to the City. Its right next to a park which has a swimming pool, and a shopping area. Plus it only takes her 10 minutes to walk to work! Amazing. We had a BBQ there with a few of her friends so we got to meet more people.

And this brings us up to today. We got up really early this morning (6.45am no less) to get ready to go the Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley is the biggest wine region in New South Wales, and is about 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney. We spent the day travelling around the various wineries tasting all their wines and cheeses and chocolates. Yum. Needless to say we now own a few bottles of Australias home grown wines!

I think tomorrow we are just chilling, maybe head over to Coogee. We have to check-out of this hotel tomorrow am, but Elliott (Emmas friend who we met here) and very kindly given us the keys to his place over Xmas and New Year. He is going back to Brisbane to see his family so we are house sitting. Bless him, its such a fab offer. We will have a kitchen and a sofa and a tv, and we can cook dinner and everything! Ahhhh. I think we owe him big time!

Anyway, im off to get some food and the minutes are again ticking away on the computer... I know you are all asking about pictures and i promise i am trying to sort it. You would think it would be easy but they take so long to upload to the internet and it aint cheap. ill find a way i promise!!!

Im sending you all Xmas love from sunny Sydney!!! Kat xxx