A lot has happened since my last entry, which was weeks ago now, so bear with me whilst i bring you up to speed.

The day after our Hunter Valley Wine day we moved out of our hotel and into Elliots flat near Glebe. Its a great place and only about 10 mins walk to Central train station. There is a park with a pool opposite, as well as a massive shopping centre with Coles (supermarket) and other fab shops. So its a pretty damn good area really! And after lugging our bags over we went for a BBQ at Lou and Mikes house and had a few beers to relax.

Friday we headed out to Darling Harbour for the day as we hadnt been there yet. There are some great restaurants down the front as it was bustling with Xmas lunch parties and all sorts. There is also the Aquarium there but we didnt go in as we've already been to Oceanworld in Manly. No need to see yet more fish really. Theres is a great market about 3 monorail stops from Darling Harbour too called Paddys market. They sell all sorts of stuff and its great for pressie buying. Not that ive bought you all pressies of course, I am skint!!!

Then, Saturday 22nd Dec..... was Bridge Climb Day!!! And not a good day either. We woke up to pissing rain and grey skies. Not what you want when you are climbing god knows how many metres into the sky on top of a wire coat hanger. Still, we persevered and got the bus up to the Bridge. We arrived absolutely soaking wet and i have to admit to having a complete sense of humour faliure. I do not want to climb it when its wet!! But we couldnt change the ticket unless we wanted to pay a fee so we went ahead. You get about 45mins training before hand which starts of with them giving you all the kit you have to wear. And everything has to be attached to you so it cant fall on the traffic below. So we had hooks attached to our suits with rain jackets on, sunglasses on, caps on, head torches on,  aswell as the belt pack that goes round your waist to attach you to the bridge at all times. I think all the kit probably weighed the same as me but hey ho. Then we had a session on the practice wall where they show you how to work the wire that attaches you to the bridge and how to walk up and down the steps etc. Then it was outside for the real thing! And low and behold, in that 45 mins the rain had swept over and the sun was shining- magic!

You start off by walking out underneath the traffic, then you have to climb on these narrow steps that take up up between the traffic and the train tracks and onto the arch of the bridge. That was horrible, you can hear the cars but the steps are so small you really have to concentrate and now bang your knees on every step. After that climb you come out at the bottom of the arch whereby the gradient becomes much less steep. Thank god because you are now battling with the wind and you have to hold on tight! It only takes about 45 mins to climb up one side from there, and the views are amazing. There are some pics of us at the top with the Opera House in the background which i shall put up. Then once you are at the top you go across a walkway above the traffic then back down the otherside. We had booked the last day climb of the day (after which you pay more for a night climb) but the sun was setting early as we headed back down the otherside, which was great. Then you head back down the steps through the traffic and back inside. Phew! We got in about 9pm and celebrated with a few beers of course. Its an expensive thing to do (i think about 100quid) but worth it for the views.

Sunday we met up with Jo, who Vic knows from London. She is living out here with her boyfriend for a year. We went and sat on the beach and had a swim at Shark Bay, in Vaucluse, which is north of Bondi. Dont worry about it name though- they have Shark nets up in the Summer months to protect us from the sharkies.

And then its Xmas! We were originally heading over to some of Emmas friends for dinner on Xmas day but they had invited too many people so we headed over to Bondi anyway and found a nice bar to have lunch in. Unfortunatley it was cloudy again so there wasnt much beach action going on. We managed to meet what seemed like half of Ireland in the bar throughout the course of the afternoon then we headed over to Emmas friends for the party. Nat and Chris have a great flat over looking Bondi Beach.

Naturally Boxing Day was spent recovering!

I hope you all had a good Xmas too xxx