It is really really hot today, about 34 degrees, and about time! My tan was starting to fade!

Not much has been happening really, ive just been working and saving the pennies. Im off to Melbourne on 3rd March with Victoria (she is flying back from New Zealand) and we are hoping to drive Melbourne to Adelaide including the Great Ocean Road.

Ive also finally finished the East Coast Road Trip blogs (6 in total), though as i have done them in date order they are further back than the most recent blogs. You will have to read down the diary page and see which ones you have read and not read.

Hope you are all well and thank you for all your messages....

Hello Sarah, good to hear from you! Hope all is good with you. I think you should definately get in your Moms suitcase and come out here! And thanks Auntie Carol for forwarding the blogĀ on!

Hope you are all well and lots of love as always. Kat x