Well hello. It's taken a while yo get this first post up as the Internet connection in Tamarindo was dire. I'm also typing on the iPhone so please excuse all typos! I blame the auto-correct.

So, long haul with Iberia was interesting. It was an older plane do more leg room than the Virgin flight to the States, but no personal TVs. One tiny drop down tv for all to share and only one movie. And the food was gross. How they managed to make a roast potato, to which you cant do much, taste of nothing ill never know. Hey ho, it wasnt as painful as expected and we arrived in San Jose 30 minutes early. Customs was quick then we headed to our hotel in the upmarket district of Escazu for the night.

Early the next morning it was a cab. Back to the airport to catch a flight to the coast. Destination Tamarindo. Ha ha my first experience on a 12 seated propeller plane. It was tiny! Even I couldn't stand up in it by a long way, so that's saying something!! And god the ride was bumpy. I kept saying over and over 'this is normal, it's like bumps in the road when you're in a car' but then the other side of my brain would say 'yes but if you fall out of a car it's a few feet not a few thousand feet into dense forest...!'. Well by the very nature of me writing this you'll know we arrived safe (landing in a field) and our journey continues.

Tamarindo is a funny sort of place, the only way I can describe it is to like it to Benidorm but 10 times prettier- has (perhaps was?) the potential to be a beautiful wilderness beach with a chilled vibe, until they built too many hotels and all the 18-24 year old tourists came for a piss up. Still, we managed to get in a lot of beach time and the best Mojito I have ever tasted. NYE ended up being very civilised!

After leaving Tamarindo and 5.5 hours on a bumpy bus I find myself here, in Santa Teresa. With PROPER wilderness beaches, white sand and a chilled surf vibe. The motto here is surf in the morning, Yoga at midday then cocktails at night. I'm writing this on the balcony of our lodge whilst H is having a surf lesson. Yes really. We may never see him again. Tomorrow morning we have yoga at 8am then we'll hire a quad bike to get to the village. Everything is spread out along a 11km stretch and the road is nothing more than a dusty track so you need the quads.

2 more days here which will be spent on the beach before heading over to Montezuma for one night then catch a boat to Manuel Antonio national park, where the rainforest meets the beach. More updates then!

Hope you all had a great new year and have so far managed to stick to those new years resolutions...