We arrived in Sydney at 06.30am last Wednesday. The flight was a pain, we were sat right by the kitchen so it was noisy all night. Still, we checked ourselves into our hotel and slept till lunchtime. After that we had a wander up George street in search of some food. We almost walked to the top by Circular Quay without even realising how close we were, doh.

We had a  great day yesterday (Thursday)- Russ (from Firefly in Clapham- has moved back here now) picked us up from our hotel and drove us up his neck of the woods in Northern Beaches. They are amazing beaches up there, its a really nice area. We had a nice lunch overlooking a little bay and a wee drive around exploring.

We also tried to Aus lottery! How funny- we walked into a newsagents and said we want to play the lottery but we dont know how. The poor guy must have thought we were nuts. Anyway, we bought some lines for the Powerball Thursday draw, and won nothing. Grrr

We chilled for a bit then met Amy and some other of his friends that he had travelled to the UK with and had drinks at Manly Wharf Bar in Manly. We got ourselves a little bit tipsy then had to get the ferry back to the City. Amazing views though- the opera house at nice, harbour bridge....

Will write more soon- my money is about to go! Bye x