When I decided to write a blog whilst we travelled around Costa Rica and Panama I had grand ideas of updating you all a lot more often, but here we are on day 12 and this is only my second entry...

Where did I leave you? Ah yes... Santa Teresa...ahhhh

This is the first place where we actually felt a bit more like seasoned travellers and less like newbies fresh off the boat. The tan was settling in, our pace was slower and we started to adopt 'Costa Rica time' - getting up with the sun at 6am and going to bed around 10. There isn't much in the way of late night venues - everything happens during the day. You are too tired from being out and about and the heat that a 10pm bedtime is quite appealing!

H took to surfing and has had a lesson every morning that we've been here so far. His instructor Amit says he'd actually pretty good! We also hired a quad bike so we could get up to the main village 'El Crux' or 'The Cross' to go to the ATM and book our onward travel. We explored further afield and went to Mal Pais (bad country). It's a more exclusive area with larger houses but there isn't a main beach, more a few stone inlets and a fishermans wharf. Of the stretch of coast on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula where we are Santa Teresa is best place to stay.

Next stop was Montezuma, a kind of hippy town that's hard to get to (you need a 4WD). It has one narrow main round (well stone and dust track) that arches around the small bay. The beach and road are lined with tightly packed B&Bs/ cabinas/hotels/ hostels and tourist shops. This place has a younger vibe than Santa Teresa and isn't as beautiful but had we come here first we wouldn't have been disappointed. A short walk south of the town is a set of waterfalls that you can climb. The guidebook said 'follow the well marked trail'. Mmmm. More like ensure you are up for some rock climbing, crawling over slippery wet rocks, through streams, up steep hills into the forest then scale a few vertical rocks when the land runs out... It was great fun though and I got to act a bit like spiderman 🙂 Word of advice: don't try and do this in flip flops...

We only had the one night in Montezuma (which is enough) then we caught a speedboat from the beach over to Jaco, then a shuttle transfer to Manuel Antonio national park. It's the smallest national park but the most visited. We did a tour of the park and saw toucans, 3 types of monkey, sloths, lizards, spiders and birds. The park also has some amazing unspoilt beaches.

It's nice here but a lot more touristy- the public beach is packed, police are around, you get more hassle walking down the street but it's still a worth while visit and the park is fantastic.

It's 11.45am here now (we're 6 hours behind you) so time to shower off, pack our bags again and get a cab to quepos airport for another fun filled propeller plane ride! This one is only 30 minutes and our destination is northern Costa Rica, the town of La Fortuna. The town sits at the foot of Arenal Volcano which was the countries most active volcano until it went mysteriously quiet last year. We have volcano hikes, hot springs and a horseback ride through the rainforest to look forward to.

So, until next time.... Pura Vida!