Here are some things i have learnt about Australia:

1) It rains. A lot. "...where the sun always shines!' as the advert goes. They lie.

2) Their spiders are HUGE.

3) And Australians are scared of their own spiders. ( I recall a spider incident just last week. It was huge. Three boys- all squealing. Enough said).

4) At the train station you stand of the left of the escalators, not the right, as in London. Maybe thats related to the plug hole/water wrong way thing....

5) You can go swimming with their paper money. Its waterproof.

6) There are more Kangaroos in Australia than there are people.

7) Australia has more sheep than people.

8 ) There are clearly more animals than people in Australia.

9) The Koala bear isnt, well, a bear. Its a marsupial.

10) Light bulbs are 'Globes'.

11) They drink schooners not pints.

12) Although almost half the population is obese, the other half seem to be running up my road every morning.

13) Everyone wants to talk! Ive made friends on trains, buses, petrol stations, the beach, the supermarket, with the homeless man in the bus shelter...

14)  You can only buy alcohol from designated 'bottle shops' which are adjacent to 'hotels', which to you and me are pubs.

15) There is a lizard trying to get in through the (closed) window as i write this. Idiot.

16) The sea is DEADLY. Ive learnt about rips and swells and wash outs and currents. (And all that from watching Bondi Rescue on Channel 10... Yes, i was tuned in for the educational value).

17) Kangaroos and Emus can only travel forwards and not backwards.

18 ) The Kangaroo is the national symbol, yet you can also eat it. Legally. Kangaroo steaks are everywhere. But no, I havent eaten one yet.

19) Grocery shopping is more expensive than in the UK.

20) Only 1.5% of the population are Aborigines. So Kevin Rudd weasnt saying sorry to too many people yesterday...