We are now in Chiang Mai having spent 14 hours on a sleeper train from Bangkok. It wasnt too painful actually as you have a proper bed, the only thing to contend with is the noise of the train and the snoring and other sleeping noises of the 40 other people in the carriage with you. And those that know me well will know that that means i didnt really sleep…. Plus i have managed to pick up a stinking cold so im suffering big time. Sympathy please.

The train got in at 09.45 ths morning and we were picked up by the guest house that we are staying in- Family Tribal Trekking Guest House. Its pretty basic, just beds and a small bathroom but thats all we need and most importantly its cheap! About  8.00 quid per night so 4 quid each. We could stay somewhere for about 1-2 quid a night but we would rather not….  i dont find bed bugs all that friendly.

Its 5pm here now and we have just got back from a Buddist Temple up the Mountain in Chiang Mai which had amazing views. Again pics to follow…. the internet cafes here were made in 500 BC and dont have CD drives, or go very fast or in the case of now have crap keyboards with only half the letters working properly so im having to beat the keyboard to get it working properly. Grrr.

Right, im off for a traditional thai massage, yikes, wish me luck.

Hopefully i will get piccies up here soon as i know the words dont make much sense without the pictures to explain it all.