After a typical London Friday night rush hour drive to Heathrow, a long check in queue and an 11 hour flight we are finally here. And its HOT! And very sticky.

The flight was pretty painless actually, i managed to watch half of 3 movies (attention span of a knat), have dinner and breakfast, sleep for a few hours and find out the interesting stories of the woman sat next to me (she had jacked in her job, sold her house and said goodbye to her kids to move to Oz to live with a man she met on the internet- and i say met losely because they have actually never met. It got weird when she starting talking about drinking wine in the bath…anyway…)

We got a cab to the hotel (for about 10 quid- bargain) avoiding all the touts like well seasoned travellers (yeh right, we can pretend) and checked in fine. Living on the Khao San Road is a great place to be- right in the middle of the action and everything close by. Though its very chaotic and there are so many people- all young too. Ive yet yo find an old person! Its nice to retreat to the quiet of the hotel without treking for miles to get home too.  We then gorged ourselves on a nice thai meal for about 5 quid including beers. This place lives on a Kat budget- excellent!!

Sunday 25th Nov

Today we headed out of Bangkok to Chatachuck Market- the place is huge! I think about 2000 stalls of everything you can imagine- shoes, clothes, nik naks, household stuff, furniture, dogs and birds in cages ….. Needless to say I am now the proud owner of one dress and 2 pairs of shorts (no dog)… and i want to go back! You could seriously come with an empty case and just fill it. Or buy another. Which I might do…

We have also booked our overnight train to Chaing Mai which leaves Tuesday night- its a 4 berth sleeper train so that should be interesting. And we had our first tuk tuk ride!! Ah the comedy value is immense. Will post photos when I can figure out where to get them off the memory card and onto here.

It’s now 9pm and we are starving (well a couple of hours by the hotel pool and a few beers and a little nap really take it out of you) so we are heading out to sample the delights of the street vendors on the Khao San Road, mmm chicken pad thai me thinks. And tomorrow we are off to the floating markets (shopping is already becoming a bit of a theme isnt it?!)